Monday, February 25, 2008

New Things.

Well...i did it. i created a blog. Does this make me officially in the " cool crowd?". I felt like i needed to be technological advance...because if Cass Trumbo can do it, surely i can. Actually the main reason i created this thing is to just share my experiences away from home and what nashville is all about. and...facebook is just way to old school now.
Does this remind anyone else of Xanga?? back in like 7th grade i had a xanga, and was obsessed with it. It was basically all these on-line journals that people wrote in and commented on and just revealed way to much information about themselves on. If that's why you have a blog, i mean thats really cool, but that's not what i created mine for. 
As some of you may know, i have recently moved to Nashville for school. It has been a tough, but a wonderful new beginning, filled with new friends, new places, and just a whole new perspective on life in general. I've been here since aug. soo that makes it about 7 months now. wow. thats almost the time it takes to grow a baby. that just totally astonishes me. It seems like i'm just at summer camp or something still. maybe that's what college is...just a really really long camp or vacation.

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etc said...

Jordan hey! I miss you too! I'm glad you made one of these so now I can see how you are doing and whats goin on in your fun college life over in tennessee!