Friday, February 29, 2008


So far so good.
Today has been a greeeaaat day:
1. It's Friday.
2. TJ and his daddy are coming to visit me for the weekend!
3. I just found out that I was selected to becoming a part of the Towering Traditions Team. This is a big honor at Belmont because our job is to come to school a week early, help the new freshman class get settled and moved in, and overall just be a guide to them. I really enjoyed my "welcome week" experience and i can't wait to have another one and effect someone elses! should be a good weekend!


jsw said...

Jordan-- you probably never check this, but I just read your first post. College felt a LOT like camp to me to for the first.. well.. at least freshman year & maybe some of sophmore year too.

Eventually though, as you learn and grow, you start to own the place.. and then its better.

Elizabeth Ashley Fink said...

i agree with jill...we called the first week/semester Camp Greenville, ha. absolutley LOVE freshmen move in day!! I also have to come to school a week early.